Innetra IP Transit Features
How does it work?
When you connect to the Innetra network and send us your traffic, we will do our best to deliver it using the best available route. Let us make your network a part of the Internet with a redundant and robust connection.

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Why choose Innetra IP Transit
One trusted provider

of multi-homed bandwidth on one invoice.

Personal and highly qualified customer support

helps your digital business grow faster.

A well-tested and reliable equipment

for powerful performance .

Carrier-grade service

based on best Internet provider practices.

Optimal network routes and low latencies

without bottle-necks, jitter, and packet loss.

Redundant network with massive idle bandwidth

ready to any high loaded customer’s project.

Frequently Asked Questions
We offer both Copper and Fiber options.
We offer free IPv6 /127 subnet. If you need more, submit us a ticket.
As many as you need. Ask our Sales Department for a custom solution.