Available OS

VPS Linux

Debian Ubuntu Fedora Centos AlmaLinux Arch Linux
139.00 USD /mo
Configure & order


FreeBSD DragonFly BSD OpenBSD
139.00 USD /mo
Configure & order

VPS Windows

169.00 USD /mo
Configure & order
Included with each server

INNETRA VPS (VDS) is a virtual private (dedicated) server covered by comprehensive DDoS protection for every hosted service. Customers gain access to the server with requested computing resources without limits of using them. They can deploy pre-installed software (templates) or use their custom image with any requested packages. Customers can change the initial server configuration or redeploy the server anytime using Control Panel.

How does it work?

All INNETRA VPS (VDS) is based on high-performance and reliable equipment placed in Tier-III data centers and collected in high-availability clusters. All nodes have a fully redundant 40 Gbps Internet connection which prevents “bottle-necks” and collisions. Server virtualization is powered by enterprise-grade solutions: KVM and VMware hypervisors. It allows collecting customer’s virtual servers to the private cloud through dedicated VLAN or vSwitch. 

All incoming traffic passes through a multi-layer scrubbing system and customer configured Firewall rules set. Each website hosted on VPS stays automatically DDoS protected and optimized by Content Processing and Delivery Network. Our customers don’t need to buy SSL certificates because we receive and renew Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates for each domain which DNS A record points to INNETRA VPS IP address.

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Why choose INNETRA VPS
Personal and highly qualified customer support

helps your digital business grow faster

High available reserved clusters

will not let server to crash and lose customers data

Wide range of templates and images

can be deployed on VPS

Root access and total server control

available through Control Panel and noVNC console

10 Gbps network rate for VPS

available through one or several vNICs

Free Let's Encrypt SSL certificate

issues for each hosted website

Frequently Asked Questions
Yes, we can connect your servers to a private VLAN. If all connected servers are placed in the same location, It will cost a 20 USD one-time configuration fee per server.

If you don't find the necessary configuration listed on our website, you can ask it from our Sales Team. They will offer you the suitable option

You can change VPS configuration directly in Control Panel. After order confirmation, you have to shut down and switch on your server. Please keep in mind that disk volume can not be reduced.
We do our best to keep our customers online, and to achieve that, we protect our customers from illegitimate DMCA claims.
Our customers may install any software to servers. We don't block any network activities except malicious actions (DDoS attacks and others) and our Acceptable Use Policy violations. If you need more details or are not sure about your service compliance, please contact our sales team.
Yes, we can provide full access with power management and console of the server in Control Panel.
    We offer the following regular discounts:
    • Prepayment for 3 months - 10%
    • Prepayment for 6 months - 15%
    • Prepayment for 12 months - 20%
    We also provide discounts based on the equipment leased or collocated and the actual volume of traffic. Contact us to find out what offer we might have for you.
Yes, we can mount your custom image to the virtual machine. It will cost a 20 USD one-time fee per server.
We offer pre-installed fast deployed templates of Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS, FreeBSD, and Windows server 2019. If you prefer a clean installation, you can use locally stored iso images of such operational systems: Ubuntu, Debian, Centos, Fedora, OpenSUSE, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, DragonFly BSD, Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2019, Windows 10.
You can manage the firewall rules of VPS in Control Panel. If you need to add more rules, please create a support ticket.
Yes, we can install either one of the popular control panels (cPanel, Plesk, Webmin, etc.) or custom demanded. If you need it, please specify this on order notes.
We use Intel Xeon CPU with a basic per-core frequency of 2,4 GHz. If you need more performance CPU, please write it in the ticket.